Interior Architectural

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    Location: Nashik

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    The client’s strong belief in the ancient code of vaastu played an essential role in the overall planning and the spatial organizations. The brief however had a strict adherence to maximize on plan utility and keep costs lows. This four bedroom house has been built for a young couple with a daughter and an aged parent

    Sitting on a compact plot, this two story house was planned with all public spaces on the ground level and the private ones on the upper level; with rooms organized more towards the periphery with double height informal space at its heart. This central core with its skylight and clerestory openings suffuses the entire volume of the house with diffused daylight maintaining freshness throughout.

    The setback spaces along three sides were perceived as extensions of the internal spaces, housing the greens and punctuated with sit-outs as well as utilitarian areas.