Interior Architectural

  • Project Details

    Multi-Family House


    Location: Nashik

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    Exploring asymmetry with symmetry, independence in unification, variation in the sameness and finally weaving a fabric out of different thread; these were some thoughts that passed through while interpreting the comprehensive brief to build a house for two brothers ( with their family and mother).

    The brief although aiming for self-sufficient units emphasized on “sharing” facilities, thus making an unspoken statement of cherishing “staying together”. Importantly, all internal movement of both the wings is centered on the courtyard with vegetation ensuring that the occupants always experience each other’s presence, apart from its microclimatic advantage.

    The use of robust colours for furniture, walls and ceilings is intended to add a sense of drama to the whole maze of interwoven spaces within the house. The architectural expression of the spirit of joy of the joint-family-living is transfused in the interior-architecture, synergized by the unrestricted and uncluttered intermingling of spaces.