Interior Architectural

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    Location: Nashik

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    ‘A free-flow of spaces into one another as well as in-and-out of nature is the highlight of the house’. The elegance of the design of this 4500 sq.ft. home lies in its simplicity. The house needed to be functional, free of clutter and true to the client’s personalities .the attempt was to create a sculptural space –externally and internally which along with pure and airy interiors, played dramatically with scale and proportion in turn allow for a home which absorbs the beautiful climate of nashik.

    The project is resolved in two floors which order the architectural program having as main reference the appropriate orientation in each of the spaces. The public spaces of living, dining, kitchen and guest bedroom are located at the lower level. As you climb up to the upper levels, the sanctity of privacy and the scale of the house increase.

    The interiors feature vast, open volumes, with areas defined by varying heights of ceilings and floors punctuated by skylights, clerestories and large windows illuminating every corner of the house. Indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected along both axes - one is always part of the house in its entirety as the edges of spaces are subtly blurred.

    The construction is responding to contemporary language, eliminating entirely ornamental elements that don’t have function. The commitment to the use of white finished rough cast plastered walls results in pure volumes of light and shadow within the irregular massing.