Interior Architectural

  • Project Details

    Social Welfare Complex


    Location: Navi Mumbai

    Status: Competition Entry

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    The multi activity social welfare complex conceived by CIDCO would become a very important initiative relevant to today’s time. Its focus on elders and senior citizen is seen as the highlight of the project apart from other requirements.

    In response to this initiative an age old saying strikes in mind “WISDOM COMES WITH AGE”.The question to the architect is “can such a typology of architecture express itsWISDOM through its creative, functional as well as spatial elements. This design is an attempt to answer this paradigm.

    The architectural scheme has been developed in context to the site which is surrounded by towering residential buildings. Multilayered courtyards have been introduced internally which segregate as well as integrate hostel facilities and activity spaces to enhance the experience of occupants, externally the built form with colours (of life)would attempt to create a visual imagery for all onlookers as if to engage in a dialogue of WISDOM with occupants.