Interior Architectural

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    Sinnar Bus Terminal


    Location: Sinnar, Maharashtra

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    Sinnar a small town with a population of 75,000 is on the threshold of major growth trajectory. It has two major industrial zones underMaharashtra state industrial development corporation – a semi government industrial development programme and a private development initiative under special governmentprogramme involving private equity participation known as ‘special economic zone’. The proximity of sinnar to the shrisai baba temple shrine revered by people from around the world also makes this town a very important geographically for tourist traffic.

    The local political leader, who is currently the member of maharashtra state Legislative assembly is a visionary. He has rightly foreseen the strategic importance of his constituency in the economic development program of the government.Mass public transport by bus is a major commuting facility for the large local student community and others. Currently sinnar bus terminus handles nearly 240 busses in a 24hourcycle every day. This project shall certainly be a bench mark for further such projects undertaken elsewhere.