Interior Architectural

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    Agriculture Produce Depot


    Location: Sinnar, Maharashtra

    Status: In Progress

    Master Planning, Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    Farmers' produce markets help maintain important social ties, linking rural and urban populations and even close neighbours in mutually rewarding exchange.The strategy for this Farmers Park is simple - Goods and services placed at the street level encourage pedestrian activity and community interaction. This street life makes the development safe, vibrant and economically viable.

    The visitor’s experience is similar to a stroll through a pedestrian streetprojecting a continuous commercial space intertwining and generating an endless loop which links stalls and small shops together along the perimeter of the site. The Market halls, shops and communal spaces spatially divides the area into a sequence of clearly defined yet varied urban spaces which are spacious, light and airy, possessing a distinct outdoor feel in response to the moderate climate, providing a design that is in tune with environment conditions.

    The project provides a strong sense of place and identity for the community.