Interior Architectural

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    Haj House

    Ministry Of Minorities Department

    Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

    Status: In Progress

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    The intent of making haj pilgrimage is the call from god. For the to be pilgrim, the haj house becomes an interface from the intent to destination. Metaphorically the haj house is an iconic complex in any city where it is developed.

    The design of the complex embodies this metaphor by not only satisfying the rational requirements but also reflecting the spirit of islam through its integral planning.rnThe planning segregates the academic / educational / information sharing section of the complex from the accommodation zone. This idea would permit operation of the former section throughout the year thus presenting the teachings of islam in true spirit to all. The faithful on the way to pilgrimage would experience those nuances of spatial composition through the design which transcends their state of mind from the worldly to the cosmic in true unison with tawhid - oneness.

    The design reinforces the use of energy efficient components like courtyard, jalis and plazas to achieve the comfortable essence of space exploration.

    Massive requirement of parking has been dealt with advantage from the existing contours at site through the process of cutting and filing design approach. Apart from this all, proven and innovative methods of energy conservation and sustainability to be adopted like usage of solar energy and supported by technology of heat pumps (wherever required), rain water harvesting and wind catchers.

    The tower in the design reflects the physical connect between the two sections that is educational (spiritual) and accommodation (worldly). The tower is so located that it conveys the role of identity icon, to the beholder, depicting the oneness in all faiths. A characteristic so contextual to current times.