Interior Architectural

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    ENT Hospital

    Indorewala ENT Hospital

    Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    A building with a distinct architectural quality is a center of excellence in the field of ENT medical care and services, as well as offers post-graduate diploma internship to medical students.

    The physical manifestation of the functional requirements lays great emphasis in generating ambience where the already depressed patient (and the accompanying person) feels mentally relaxed. To achieve this, intrinsic values of comfort (both physical and psychological) have been attempted to be resolved by designing a low profile building, laying emphasis on use of natural materials by way of stone masonry and exposed brickwork, adequate provision for plantation within the building both for the out-patient and the in-patient. The large central courtyard (open-to-sky) and china mosaic roof rendering makes it extremely climate responsive, yet grounding the structure well to the land.