Interior Architectural

  • Project Details

    Pearl Suites Serviced Apartment

    Parvasheena Hospitality & Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    Every architectural design is a response to the site –its physical characteristics as well as its situate.

    The above sentence perhaps is very apt to the serviced apartment “PEARL SUITES” designed in a congested locality of Bangalore near the old airport.

    The DESIGN is an exploration within the obvious foot print compellingly offered by the site and also by the formulated brief of the project.

    The clients’ brief encompassed provision of as many as possible studio rooms, a few suites (all wi-fi enabled) with facilities like conference room, business center, gymnasium, restaurant and space made available at ground level for future expansion. ALL THIS ON A SKEWD PLOT 790 sq. m. in area.

    The plan is accentuated by providing access to all rooms through meandering passage, which is visually connected to the atrium, thus creating an experience similar to that of controlled surprises.

    Right from the entrance gate to the lobby the design aims at revelry through filtering natural light in the space, through forms, through colors and through strategically placed plantation. Syntheses of all these elements create an opportunity of personal interpretation to space.

    The concept persists all through the twenty seven rooms, restaurant and boardroom which constitute the project. Interiors reflect spartan minimalism with no compromise to functionality. ‘The pearl suites’ is an attempt to make its own design statement in spite of site limitations in the field of hospitality.