Interior Architectural

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    Charosa Vineyards

    Charosa Wineries Ltd.

    Location: Charosa, Maharashtra

    Status: Competition Entry

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    The vision of the promoting company ‘charosa wines’ was meticulously spelt out in the form of technical data, wine making process flow chart with relevant areas and volumetric requirement of production zones mentioned. Emphasis was to produce high quality wines in sophisticated plant infrastructure in terms of equipment, international experts of repute in wine making and the winery building complex to add to the brand value. Architectural design has been evolved to enhance this vision.

    Location of winery building on the contoured site plays a key role to fulfill the critical parameter of “gravity flow wine manufacturing process”. Architectural design integrates hierarchy of various functional areas resulting in the seamless blending of spaces with due consideration to the changing levels existing at the site.

    Brand promotion is the other important factor addressed in the winery building design. The winery tours and walk-in visitors are introduced to “the story of wine” relating the nostalgia associated with wine making and the nuances of wine drinking. The master plan incorporates additional facilities to promote this facet by proposing a Cellar door, a resort embedded in the vineyards along with wine health spa and vineyard trails. The architecture of the complex is low profile, contemporary, and eco- friendly.