Interior Architectural

  • Project Details


    Mr. Mushtaqbhai

    Location: Malegoan, Maharashtra

    Status: Completed

    Architecture, Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    A place of worship has various concoctions; however, it is where the devout yearn for serenity, tranquility and peace. This is what the design of this Mosque seeks to address.

    Climatic conditions of Malegaon are harsh-hot dry summers and cold dry winters. The main envelope of the building therefore is wrapped in double skin brick masonry cavity walls and hollow clay block insulation for the roof. Further, the façade is devoid of window openings, light and ventilation achieved through roof light and indirect openings.

    The building is intended to be a model of construction reflecting 21st century, simple in form but strong on character. Exposed brick masonry is labour intensive and also not requiring any further surface rendering – such intended design specifications uphold values of ‘green architecture’