Interior Architectural

  • Project Details

    Corporate Office

    Technoshell Automations Pvt. Ltd.

    Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

    Status: Completed


    Project Description:

    Technoshell of Nashik spells with a single line design brief – “We need a Smart Office space at Minimum Cost”. This brief was as crisp and precise as the sophisticated hi-tech printing machines they manufacture.

    Creative interpretation of any design assignment has endless possibilities, in this case the 2-dimensional footprint comprising of a skewed central circulation spine with a central “chowk” and the 3-dimensional enclosed designated spaces springing form this footprint are both crisp and no non-sense like the machines manufactured here. This facility represents a universal visual experience tormenting from blend of economy priced materials. Epoxy floor finish, a quick fix medium render a deteriorated existing shop-floor, seamlessly tying all the work areas through the liberally installed glassed partition. 

    Vibrancy of red together with cool blue-their company brand identity colours, juxtaposed with tones of grey creates a positive energy in the work environment of their office space.