Interior Architectural

  • Project Details

    Bungalow Renovation


    Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

    Status: Completed

    Interior, Landscaping

    Project Description:

    Demographic, economical, attitudinal, sensibilities and aspirational metamorphical transformations of a second generation resulting in reflections of individual’s persona and possessions is what this interior-architecture is all about.

    A three decade old single family dwelling transformed into a two family residence, shared between parents and their married son with their progeny.

    The details highlight the retro fit concepts applied to transforming and expanding an existing residential facility. The development occurs around a centrally illuminated light well celebrating the changing moods of day-light at the same time also enhancing the colors, textures and soul of the purity of materials used for the horizontal and vertical surfaces crafted out of wood, glass, rough cudappa stone, beaten mild steel components, china mosaic et all.